maandag 22 april 2013

print testies

not my design, tis for a friend. also I didnt paint it myself

donderdag 11 april 2013


So this is one other thing I posted before.
Making my own skateboard:

BUT this is oldschool . now I just print a skateboard :D
no seriously, i could try to print some wheels maybe ...

new posts in the making


my blog was kaput. so I didnt post anything on it anymore. BUT now i realy have a reason to start posting again.
In the mean time ive been doing some stuff: working at walking the dog on picknick with pie.
and now on mechanique du coeur. and on a short.
before I posted some animation(still on my previous posts), stuff about making a skateboard and some doodles I draw(they all disapeared now). I never work longer than 30minutes on something or I get bored with it. I'll post some new ones.
other intrests I still have are procedural art, indie games(trying to make one), ...
AND, why I want to post again, 3d printing as a way of procedural and experimental art.

So in short I hope to post drawings, game-making progress, experimental stuff, 3d printing stuff,..
maybe a bit to random. dunno

this is a wip of the buuilding process of my brand new ultimaker
next is a picture of my verry first print.(Its a character from david o'reilly's short 'external world' first printed the head and then the body)
last picture is phone cover (not my phone)